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  Press towers, Moulds, blanching press towers, smoking press towers, forms for roast, grid moulds  
  Brine mixers, breading – croating machines, pneumatic presses, fryers, frying lines, former machine  
  Shoes washing machines, washing machines for totes, aprons washers, smoking sticks washers, washing – dring up line for containers and euro pallets, central sterilizer for butcher knives, sanitary gates  
  Baskets for butcher knives, frying pans, tables, smoking carts, hydraulic tipplers for pallet-boxes, hooks for bacons  

BESTMONT JSC is one of Polish leading producers of machinery and equipment for meat industry and can offer wide range of products, known in 15 European countries, USA and Canada.

Through a practical knowledge of meat processing technology, we have developed fit for use machines and systems, which receive full recognition from meat processing companies. They comply with all hygiene standards and bring benefits from production quality as well as economic results. Using BESTMONT JSC equipment, you can simply enrich your production offer, add value and gain customer confidence. All our products are made from high quality stainless steel and are equipped with mechanical components and electrical control units, supplied by recognized companies. They comply with all requirements as far as food processing is concerned.

Delivering quality and service, convenient terms of trade, we trust we will meet your approval and invite you to co-operation.