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  Press towers, Moulds, blanching press towers, smoking press towers, forms for roast, grid moulds  
  Brine mixers, breading – croating machines, pneumatic presses, fryers, frying lines, former machine  
  Shoes washing machines, washing machines for totes, aprons washers, smoking sticks washers, washing – dring up line for containers and euro pallets, central sterilizer for butcher knives, sanitary gates  
  Baskets for butcher knives, frying pans, tables, smoking carts, hydraulic tipplers for pallet-boxes, hooks for bacons  


Press towerMini towerGrid mouldForm for roast


- Blanching press towers, blanching and smoking press towers - modular, carefully design units enables thermal treatment of 600 kg of meat load. It ables to build up the tower from different moulds on each layer and recive different shapes of finished products.

- Mini towers.

- Grid moulds - are made of stainless steel. It helps to recive individual forms of finished products..

- We are ready to make products on special request from our base list and as well as manufacture complete system lines.